Snow Leopard
Tech Challenge

Annual startup competition organized by Irbis Ventures, a social enterprise with the mission to build a virtual startup ecosystem for tech frontiers

What kind of startups are eligable to register for Snow Leopard Tech Challenge 2020?


Any startup with a technology based solution to solve a problem in its industry.


Regardless of its country of residence (e.g. Singapore, Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Seoul etc.):

any startup with a co-founder from Central Asia (including Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan or Turkmenistan)


any startup of which products or services are available for people living in Central Asia (e.g. this means any SAAS startups who provide its services to Central Asian customers are eligible).


An applicant startup can be at any stage (including early stage) of its development.


There is no limitation on the industry type of an applicant startup.

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Selection process

Please note that all the following processes will be completed on Irbis Oasis platform.

  • 8 May - 14 June 2020

    Application period

    The application period will start at 9:00 am on 8 May 2020 and will close at 11:59 pm on 14 June 2020. Applicant startups can submit their online applications via Irbis Oasis platform.

  • During the period from 15 - 17 June 2020, Irbis Ventures will do a preliminary review of applications to check the completeness of each application. Irbis Ventures may reject any application that has incomplete or missing information.

  • For all applications that are complete, Irbis Ventures will match applicant startups based on industry, geographic location and team size. This means each startup applicant will review and score one startup applicant based on the following three parameters: (1) Vision; (2) Product; and (3) Team.

    Important note: The reviewing startup will not be provided by any confidential information of the startup being reviewed by it. This means each applicant startup is encouraged to approach the startup you are reviewing.

  • Based on the information we collect during the peer review process (including the responsiveness of each applicant startup), Irbis Ventures will shortlist the top startup applicants.

  • Startups will be selected based on the review and scoring by Irbis Oasis Community members (including investors and advisors). Irbis Oasis Community members will review applications based on the following criteria:

    • Founders
    • Product
    • Target market environment
    • Business model
    • Coachability
    • Responsiveness

  • Preparation for Community Pitch Day

  • Top 20 startups will present their startup to Irbis Oasis Community (including investors and contributors). Based on the pitch and Q&A sessions, Irbis Oasis Community members will score each startup (maximum score being 5). Based on the average score of each startup, Irbis Oasis platform will automatically rank top 10 startups.

    To ensure transparency, we will allow applicant startups to check the details of scoring by Irbis Oasis Community.

  • Top 10 startups will be announced via Irbis Oasis platform.

  • Preparation for Global Demo Day

  • Top 10 startups will attend the SLTC 2020 - Global Online Demo Day attended by international and local investors. Based on the online scoring by attendees of Global Online Demo Day, top 10 startups will be ranked 1 to 10.

  • Irbis Ventures team will start negotiating in good faith with the purpose of signing an investment agreement with a total of 5 startup applicants in a period as short as possible. We will start the negotiations from the top 1 ranked applicant. If negotiation with a particular startup is successful, Irbis Ventures will sign an investment agreement with the startup applicant. If unsuccessful, Irbis Ventures will drop that negotiation and start negotiation with the startup ranked below until Irbis Ventures signs an investment agreement with five (5) startups.

  • The five (5) startups who signed an investment agreement with Irbis Ventures will attend the Grand Finale of SLTC 2020. The date of SLTC 2020 is not set at this stage due to COVID-19 related uncertainties. We will determine the date of the Grand Finale in July 2020.


The top contenders of 2020 SLTC will get access to: Top 10 Portfolio Startups Grand Finale Winner
Unlimited free access to Irbis Oasis platform until 31 December 2020
Invitation to attend the SLTC 2020 - Global Demo Day
3,000 Irbis Points (equal to 30 hours of consultation)
Equity or SAFE investment of US$20,000
Tickets & accommodation for the Grand Finale in Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Cash reward of US$20,000